At Water 4U, we sell purified water that is 99.99% pure.  


We start with City of Plano / The Colony tap water, then:


1)  A Commercial carbon filter removes Chlorine, Sediment, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).  We use Centaur Carbon, the best carbon on the market.


2)  A Commercial water softener takes the "hard" North Texas Water and softens it with ion exchange resins.  At a set interval salt water is the flushed to "recharge" the resins.


3)  Reverse Osmosis.   This is a three stage process where the water first goes through a 5 micron filter, then two high presure membranes remove all impurities.


4)  Ultra Violet Light.  A commerical ultra violet light safely kills any bacteria found in the water.


5)  Ozone.   Ozone is used to steralize your bottles before the purified water.


The result of the filtering process is water that is over 99 % pure.  We can show you the test results and give you a tour of the water plant.


If you have any questions, just ask!